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What is This?

FCgeaux is going beyond the walls of the church to bring love of Jesus practically and personally to all people. Loneliness, hunger, fear and isolation are no match for real love and practical kindness.

Are you Ready to Serve?

Download the app and get connected to your next opportunity to make a difference.

Anyone can serve and everyone who has been changed by Jesus has a story they should share. We have all been given something that is for more than our own benefit. FCgeaux exists to help you transform God given gifts into life giving change. Download the App to find your next opportunity to make a difference.

Lots of opportunities that fall into a few categories:

  • When we see a need, we meet a need.
  • When we throw a party, it has a purpose.
  • When we have the opportunity, we don’t go alone.

Sometimes Fellowship is leading serve opportunity and sometime we are just a part of a trusted partners plan. Download the FCgeaux App in find out more about how we help and who we partner with.

Always! FCgeaux is not something we do, it’s who we are. So, be on mission always and download the FCgeaux App for tons of opportunities to Geaux together.

Are you a little hesitant or need more information? Don’t hesitate to reach out to and FCgeaux team member to get our concierge service. We can’t serve for you, but we can get you started. Email us at fcgeaux@fcascension.com or call the church office.

FC Geaux App
FC Geaux App

FC Geaux App

Are you ready to serve?